What’s the Difference Between a Lubricated & Oil-Free Air Compressor?

We offer a wide range of air compressors to meet the different needs of various industries and businesses. One choice you may make when choosing an atmosphere compressor is certainly whether you will want lubricated air compressor or an oil-free air compressor. What is the difference between the two, and which is right for you personally and your business?

Exactly what is a Lubricated Air Compressor?
The overall mechanism of an air compressor is a piston or rotary element (e.g. rotary screw or vane) that draws in air, which is compressed into a storage tank. Naturally, since the piston or rotary element needs to move regularly and smoothly because of this to work, it generally needs to be lubricated.

In a lubricated air compressor, there is lubricating oil which will keep the piston or rotary element running well without damaging the system. The lubricant also helps to dissipate high temperature and maintain air compression efficiency.

WHAT’S an Oil-Free Surroundings Compressor?
Oil-free air compressors also use a piston or rotary element, but they get around the lubrication problem by coating the compression element with a pre-lubricating material like Teflon. Some oil-free compressors may also use water instead of oil for the lubricating and cooling procedure. These alternate materials shield the pump and invite the mechanism to go smoothly without the need for any oil-centered or synthetic lubrication.

WHAT EXACTLY ARE the Differences Between Lubricated and Oil-Free Air Compressors?
There are several variations between lubricated and oil-free air compressors, above the presence or absence of oil. Lubricated air compressors require even more routine maintenance. Particularly, you have to change the Centrifugal Vacuum Pump china essential oil once in a while. Lubricated air compressors additionally require more atmosphere filtration such as separators & coalescing filters to eliminate the essential oil and guard downstream equipment and procedures from contamination.

However, in comparison to lubricated compressors, oil-free varieties require more major repair function and don’t tend to last as long. They can also be much louder in operation.

For this reason, if you are in an commercial environment where your air compressors are getting heavy use, lubricated compressors are often a much better choice. If you’re in an market that requires high purity air, however, such as pharmaceutical, food processing or consumer electronics, you might want to opt for the oil-free version.

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