Rack drives build-on (ERW-TRA) for greenhouse

The TRA520 rack drive, mounted on a RW45TRA or RW240TRA motor motor, is a low-maintenance power source for driving ventilation and lifting systems in greenhouses and livestock houses. The TRA520 rack drive enables the driven system to be positioned with great precision. The guide blocks in the TRA520 rack drive ensure stable extension and retraction of the rack.

The zinc-plated TRA520 rack drive with foot and side mounting, can easily be mounted on an RW45TRA or RW240TRA motor gearbox, using the accompanying mounting set. The rack drives are supplied with a rack height of 60 mm (rack heart to underside of TRA520 rack drive unit).

Art. no. Description [m] [F] [M] i [s’] [h]
kg N Nm mm mm
549500 TRA520 UNIT 3,1 5200 156 1 150,8 60
599015 MOUN-SET TRA520\RW45 0,5
599016 MOUN-SET TRA520\RW400 0,7