LogicDrive ERLD for greenhouse 

Robust, reliable and precise – that is what the newEP LogicDrive drive units stand for. This innovative product helps farmers or growers accurately control the climate in their livestock or crop storage buildings. Where effective ventilation is needed to create the optimum climate for animals or crops, theEP LogicDrive is the perfect drive unit for operating air inlet valves or curtains.

Controlled by the climate controller, the LogicDrive positions the air inlet valves to provide the required supply of fresh air and expel unwanted heat and moisture. The LogicDrive delivers excellent performance in its application. Combined with theEP LogicControl control unit and LogicPower emergency power supply, the LogicDrive is also ideal in situations where the power supply can be unstable.

 Robust and reliable

The maintenance-freeEP LogicDrive unit is designed and built to drive ventilation systems. Equipped with a winch belt, the LogicDrive is the perfect drive unit for accurately opening and closing air inlet valves with automatic spring mechanisms. Equipped with one or more chain couplings, the Logic Drive is extremely suitable for accurately positioning ventilation valves together with rack drives.

The drive power required by the LogicDrive is provided by a 24VDC stepper motor. The wear-resistant gear and worm wheel transmissions in the Logic Drive convert this drive power into a slow movement with a distinctive high drive torque. The RLD80 is enclosed in a compact and robust cast iron housing, fitted with a mounting base. This mounting base allows for a quick and secure attachment of the LogicDrive. Thanks to the 24VDC stepper motor, the LogicDrive is highly suitable for applications with an emergency power supply. This allows the LogicDrive to supply sufficient power to adjust the air inlet valves or ventilation valves to the pre-set emergency position should mains power fail.  

Powerful under any conditions

Reliable with mains and emergency power supply
High quality in all respects

The LogicDrive is not only powerful, but also intelligent. The LogicDrive can be controlled by Modbus or a 0-10V control signal from a climate controller. This control signal is processed by the LogicDrive’s integrated control to adjust the unit to the exact position requested. This does not require position feedback.

With this Modbus or 0-10V control signal, the LogicDrive is easy to set. This involves setting the start position, the end position and, if applicable, the emergency position. Adjusting the LogicDrive to an emergency position requires both theEP LogicPower emergency power supply and LogicControl control unit.

The control unit of theEP LogicDrive protects the drive unit against overloading. In the event of an overload, the LogicDrive stops immediately. The Logic Drive then activates an alarm contact to indicate that an overload has occurred. This alarm contact is also activated if the control signal or mains power is lost.

Dust and water resistant

The quality of the LogicDrive is also reflected in the fact that it is both dust and water resistant: The drive unit has a protection class of IP65. The fully-sealed housing also prevents pests, such as red mites, from entering the unit. Thanks to its smooth surface, the LogicDrive is easy to clean.

Logical links

To get the most out of the LogicDrive drive unit, a stable power supply and accurate control is essential. This is possible with theEP LogicControl control unit and LogicPower emergency power supply. These products form the logical link between the LogicDrive, 1-phase mains power and the climate controller.

Optimum control

TheEP LogicControl provides a stable 24VDC power supply and monitored 0-10V control of the LogicDrive. The LogicControl is easy to configure to make the best possible use of the LogicDrive’s capabilities. Should the control signal from the climate controller be lost, the LogicControl will take over control and the LogicDrive will go to the pre-set emergency position.

Reliable emergency power supply

TheEP LogicPower makes a ventilation system with a LogicDrive unit even more reliable. The LogicPower is activated if the mains power is lost or instructed to do so by an external alarm, such as a thermostat. In these situations, the LogicPower will serve as the power supply and, if combined with the LogicDrive, adjust the LogicDrive to the emergency position. The LogicPower will also generate an alarm signal.