Rack drives truss railventilation for greenhouse

The RackDrive250 rack drives fitted with a rack plate is a low-maintenance drive for the push-pull screen systems in greenhouses. This rack drive together with theEP RW moto motor (5 rpm), forms an efficient combination which offers energy-, sun protection- and total shade screen systems . Its compact dimensions mean that the RackDrive250 rack drive is suitable for a large variety of screen systems. By fitting the optional sliding block the rack drive can also be used in non-horizontal screen systems.

The zinc-plated RackDrive250 rack drives are supplied with two mounting lips (lugs). Together with the counter-plates and bolt- lock-nuts connections (M8) or with a clamp mounting set, these are easily mounted onto greenhouse truss (lattice beam). The rack drives have fixing holes for wire stretchers which allow a stable connection to the greenhouse structure. The RackDrive250 rack drive is supplied with the mounting lips (lugs) facing in one direction (right) or with the mounting lips (lugs) facing outwards (left-right). The latter version is suitable for use with the clamp mounting set.

By fitting a gear reduction stage (i=1,8) and a hardened pinion, the torque in the RackDrive250 rack drive is effectively converted into a maximum outgoing drive forceof 1850 N (in folding). The rack drive is aligned to the push-pull tubes (27 or 32mm) using connecting units. The rack drive has an axial clearance from the drive pinion in order to take up the expansion variations between the lattice beam and the screen section. Plastic securing clips must be removed when the fitting is complete.

The drive shafts are fitted with long axle journals with flat sides. This makes it possible to fit prefabricated drive shafts fitted with weld/sleeve couplings or chain couplings after mounting the RackDrive250 drive shaft. The drive shafts are locked in the couplings by the accompanying shaft retaining clips. For the rack drives for the screen suspension, couplings with limited free-wheeling are available which will limit the force onto the folding drive shaft.

Art. no.Description[m][F] Dyn[F] Stat[M] Dyn[M] Stati[s’]kgNNNmNmmm500290RSD250-40\LR UNIT2,145018507,027,51,879,2500285RSD250-40\LL UNIT2,145018507,027,51,879,2500280RSD250-40\RR UNIT2,145018507,027,51,879,2