ETU Rack Drives for greenhouse

hThe TU6-22/30 rack drives with appropriate rack plate are low-maintenance drives for the operation of vents and ventilation flaps, etc. These rack drives are contained in a zinc-plated sheet steel housing and feature a hardened pinion, plastic tube bearings and plastic guide rollers on stainless steel pins. The TU6-22/30 rack drives can be mounted on 1″ tubular shafts (33.7 mm dia., minimum wall thickness 2.5 mm). 

Here, the pinion is fastened on the tubular drive shaft with two set screws (tightening moment 8 Nm) The TU6-22/30 rack drive can be used with theEP sheet steel racks 22 mm high (TU6-22) and 30 mm high (TU6-30). Both straight and curved sheet steel racks can be used with these rack drives.

Art. no.Description[m][F][M]i[s’]PHTube/ BearingkgNNmmmmmin500019TU6-22 PINION HOUSE UNIT\D610,5350±91138,2221″500018TU6-30 PINION HOUSE UNIT\D610,5350±91138,2301″