Rack drives truss railventilation for greenhouse

EP Rack Drives (ERRD)
We offer a wide range of rack drives. Our rack drives are tailor-made for today´s needs, suitable for greenhouse operations and greenhouse compartments (blocks) of all sizes, as well as wide-open ventilation systems. Every truss-rail system requires a different rack drive, depending on the required force and transmission reduction.


Two types of
truss-rail systems
A single truss-rail system, with a single push-pull tube. For this type of system, we can provide our RackDrive700 and Rackdrive800 models.
A double truss-rail systems, which have two independently-driven push-pull tubes, one above the other. This system is used in Venlo greenhouses that are equipped with continuous air vents. For this type of system, we can provide our range of TRN rack drives. 


Rack Drive


EP rack drives consist of two basic components:

A rack drive unit
A corresponding clamping set with drive shaft bearing


Effective transfer of force,
various models
AllEP rack drives efficiently convert drive torque into rack force. Our rack drive units are available in a powerful and a less powerful version. The less powerful version with a single-stage gear reduction converts the drive torque into more revolutions than the powerful version with a dual-stage gear reduction. The powerful version has a number of benefits:



Accurately drives large ventilation bays with one motor motor per ventilation side (minor vent gap differences within the ventilation bay)
Creates an extremely accurate ventilation system (minimal vent gap differences within the ventilation bay)

Robust drive shaft coupling

Robust drive shaft coupling
Our rack drives feature long drive shafts with long hexagonal journals. The use of these long drive shafts has increased the feed length of the couplings on the drive shaft journals. This is essential in large bays where the drive shafts expand or contract more due to temperature differences. The long journals ensure a solid connection between the drive shaft and the rack drive.

Easy to mount thanks to universal
clamping construction

TRN rack drives easy to install
Our TRN rack drive unit is used for double truss-rail systems. Given the unit’s double design and the significant forces involved, it’s essential that the rack drive unit is attached firmly to the greenhouse structure. We offer two options for this purpose:


Easy attachment to a truss
These rack drives are fitted with bottom mounting plates and are mounted on the top beam of the truss with bolts and lock nuts.



Allows the rack drive to be mounted on the post without the need for drilling holes
Minimizes shade because the drive shafts are positioned near the gutter
Integrated bearing for the drive shafts of the outflow ventilation system



Easy to mount/remove thanks
to special drive shaft bearing
Our RackDrive700 rack drives are equipped with a bearing for supporting and guiding the drive shafts of the outflow ventilation system. Since the bearings can be opened, they can be mounted on (or removed from) the drive shafts without having to push them through the bearing first. 

Minimal, but essential,
We’ve been supplying rack drives for years now. Our attempts to reduce the number of motores needed to open a particular number of air vents have one downside. The high drive torques are efficiently converted into high rack forces, making it is essential to observe the maintenance instructions for these systems.