540 pto gearbox

pto gearbox


Hydraulic PTO Gearbox for Group 2 Pump, Ratio one:3:eight with Feminine Shaft, Rapid Fitting
Maximum constant torque of the PTO Gearbox (Enter facet daNm) 15.nine
Optimum ongoing torque of the PTO Gearbox (Output side daNm) 4.2
Tractor output speed 540 RPM ultimate output velocity of pump/gearbox assembly 2052 ratio of pace increase, 3.eight max transmittable electrical power, 10kw max oil level .22 litres
Excess weight: 5kg
The PTO Gearboxes are made for connecting gear pumps to farm tractor energy get offs (PTO).
Output speed of electricity take offs is 540 rpm which can be compared with the proper running speeds of hydraulic pumps.
Distinct enter managing speeds can also be appropriate, offered that the PTO gearbox output velocity does not exceed 3000 rpm.


Made in shell-cast aluminum or in high mechanical resistance forged iron.


The gears have produced to ISO/DIN 3990-88 expectations.
Created in Steel UNI eighteen PCR M03.
Stub teeth assure quite high resistance and run very quietly.


Manufactured in steel UNI sixteen CRN4.
They are coupled with splined gears and are created to stand the torque values stated in the catalogue.


The torque figures talked about in the complex charts of all the PTO Gearboxes refer to continuous obligation cycles.
Torques under intermittent functioning problems can be exceeded by 20%.


SAE ninety gear oil must be place in the pto gearbox prior to use – please be aware we do not supply the gear oil and will not take duty for consumers not placing oil in.
Alter the oil following the initial sixty-80 several hours and then each and every twelve months or 1500 hours which ever falls very first.

Routine maintenance

Remember to check the oil level via the special oil window every fifty hours.
Working temperatures must not exceed 120 degrees Celsius below continuous duty cycle.
Specify the correct PTO gearbox

Remember to check with the Complex Product sales Workplace if you are not sure which PTO gearbox to use.
pto gearbox

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