EP gearboxes for bush hog gear box aftermarket

EP gearboxes for bush hog equipment box aftermarket i.e. BUSH HOG COMER ROTARY CUTTER Equipment BOX

A single New Aftermarket Substitution Gearbox That Fits Comer Rotary Cutter Model: LF-140J

• Output shaft has tapered splines, bushing have to be purchased individually. (fifteen spline bushing: U0139700000). Mounting sample is 203.2mm.

Ratio 1 : one.five
Input Shaft (A) 1 3/8″ 6 spline
Output Shaft (B) 15 spline
HP: 60
Enter: 540 RPM
Rotation: CCW

Replaces Component Numbers: GEM20-0008, U914081100, U9.116.805.twenty, U91.one hundred forty.811.00, U911680520, 103H, 71371, 826-358C, 9.116.305.10, nine.one hundred forty.811.00, 911630510, 914081100, U9.a hundred and forty.811.ten, 70786

A single New Aftermarket Substitute Equipment Box 81444 matches Bush Hog RZ160 and RZ60

The gearbox ratio is 1:one.forty seven. The input shaft is 1-3/8″ spherical bore. The twelve spline output shaft has tapered splines, 40 mm spline and nut is eight.2.two.00515. The mounting pattern is 171.5 mm. The gearbox is rated at forty hp at 540 rpm and has a CCW (Counter clockwise) rotation. Matches numerous Rotary Cutters.
• Output shaft has12 tapered splines. Mounting pattern is 171.5mm.

Horse Electrical power: forty
Input 540 RPM
Input Shaft (A)one three/8″ spherical bore
Output Shaft (B)12 spline
Ratio 1 : one.forty seven
Rotation: CCW

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