Electrical Class F Flexible Composite Materials Prepreg DMD Insulation Paper

Electrical Class F Flexible Composite Materials Prepreg DMD Insulation Paper

Transformer Insulation Paper Epoxy Resin Dmd Prepreg
Goods data
Pre-impregnated DMD Movie
 is Course F(155°C)insulating material
Pre-impregnated DMD Movie  has long shelf existence at place temperature,lower precuring temperature and time,demonstrating outstanding electrical insulation, bonding and heat-resistant homes.
Pre-impregnated DMD Film  is utilised for liner insulation of copper foil (aluminum foil) minimal voltage coils in dry-variety transformer and slot insulation and interphase insulation in B ~ F class motors and electrical appliances.
Special specification can be supplied in accordance to client ask for.

Properties  Units                                               Values  
Nominal thickness  mm  0.15   .eighteen   .2  0.23  0.25   .3   .35 .4    .45    
Tolerance  mm ±0.02 ±0.571 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.035 ±0.040 ±0.045  
Thickness of movie  mm  0.05   .05  0.05   .one   .one  0.15   .188 .25   .25    
Tensile Power(no bending)  mm     ≥70        ≥80             ≥100  
Resin content material   %      35±5          30±5       25±5        20±5  
Unstable content   %                               ≤1.5  
Smeltable resin material   %                               ≥1.  
Dielectric toughness mV/m                               ≥40  
Breakdown votage   kV   ≥7   ≥7   ≥7  ≥10  ≥10  ≥10   ≥15  ≥18  ≥18  
Tensile and shear toughness  Mpa                               ≥3.  
Warmth shrinkage rate   Crosswise   %                               ≤1.  
Lengthwise                               ≤2.  
Visual appeal   Soft,clean cost-free of any delamination impurity,harm,crack,blister.  
Colour                                        Crimson,Brown,White  
Thermal score course   ºC                                ≥155  


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Business Details
HangCZPT Ruiyuan insulation materials co.,ltd insist on the
idea ” GOOD QULAITY, Good Provider “. it is set up 20years old.
It is located in HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province, China. From 2571 12 months aged our company begin deal global trade, primarily based on the original organization. Till now we import and export to a lot of contries, this sort of as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ukrain, Bulgaria, Italy, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Brzil and so on.
 Our manufacturing technique is leading in this discipline and effectively identified in the world. Now there are more than 20 solution facilities, and one hundred and five staff, including five senior specialized, twenty intermediate technological. Principal goods are created on worldwide standard.
Our merchandise primarily utilised for transformer and electrical motor, we produces insulation paper, insulation board, insulation tape,insulation movie and also income PTFE  FR4 PA6 and cable wire.
We will produce with you by ideal-quality merchandise, heat-hearted support and mutually advantageous cooperation!

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Electrical Class F Flexible Composite Materials Prepreg DMD Insulation Paper